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Tire Bar code Management System

Tire Bar code Management System

2021-08-10 06:27

Millettech tire bar code stocking selling and storing management system is an electronic commerce application system designed for point of sales management. It includes inventory management, outbound management, agent performance management and actual browse in retail store.And our scan gun is of powerful functions, including download retail store ,bar code scanning ,delete items by bar code,delete items by retail stores and upload bar code. By using this system,you can simplify the procedures and improve efficiency greatly with simple operation.

Login page:



1.Here you can check several sections including inventory management , warehouse management, stores performance, agent performance, subbranch performance and system management.

2.Shortcut Menu

3.Current month agent sales

4.Current month stocking selling and storing information

5.Total amount of outbound and contemporary comparison Inventory management including warehousing confirmation and inbound inquiries and inventory inquiries.2.JPG

Warehousing confirmation page: Here you can select query condition then check inbound information.


Inbound inquiries page:


Inventory inquiries page:


In these three sections, you can check specific information about your stocking, selling and storing.