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Portals and EAI

Portals and EAI

2021-08-10 06:05

Portals and EAI


The Millettech, Portals and EAI Technical Service, is focusing on consolidating corporate resources by helping corporate clients to integrate multiple applications. Our practices include: Enterprise Information Portal, Enterprise Application Integration, and Content Management.

Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)

Millettech help companies build Portals to effectively streamline and integrate access to applications, documents, and internet services through a single web site for anyone to use anywhere. Portals improve productivity across the enterprise and directly support IT cost reductions in areas such as network and storage, web infrastructure, intranet and extranet administration, training, and communication.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Integration uses technologies and Web services standards to connect and streamline business processes, systems, and information, and creates a strong information foundation that can help move organizations toward higher performance. Millettech's collaborative approach enables effective integration of business processes to help organizations access, manage and exploit data to make more informed business decisions.

ECM ( Enterprise Content Management)

Millettech's web content management services range from managing the content lifecycle to technical implementation. Enterprise content management covers document management, electronic forms, imaging, digital media and integration solutions. Our Enterprise Content Management solution framework is intended to help you define a holistic enterprise content management strategy and implement an integrated solution. We can plan, design and implement cost effective solutions to aid you in community building, collaboration, content publishing and back-office integration.