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Banking Management System

2021-08-10 06:33

Banking management system is complex, besides coordination between departments, it also has to consider the management of every city branch.An efficient management platform is indispensable for promoting management efficiency. So according to the characteristics of banks, we specially designed this management platform.

you can effectively realize the management of multiple city branch,you also can smoothly browse the city bank information notes,dynamic news and other information after click the city branch. you can effectively realize the management of one branch among multiple platforms,click this section you can view personal bank,information technology,corporate banking,compliance management,strategy development,private bank,financial world and other operating services respectively.Each page contains introduction about detail information.

Home page:In the left zone are:


My working platform

My cooperating working platform

Department website

Branch website

Application system

1.JPGMy working platform page:

2.JPGPrivate bank page: You can check newest information and use other services here.