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They Trust Us

We are trained, equipped and customer-friendly

• We have a process that takes us from your inquiry to your finished product and beyond:

• We conduct a Needs Analysis. We ask questions and pay attention to the answers. We want to understand your audience and your competitors.

• We identify any backend programming needs.

• We generate a quotation, identifying your website requirements.

• We begin your project when both requirements and costs have been approved by you.

• We offer a choice of designs, including suggested content, for your approval.

• When the final design has been approved, we begin application of our quality assurance program. We finalize graphic design, integrate content, and performance browser, platform and content checks. Then we conduct bug checks and broken links checks.

• We're flexible: We recognize that project objectives sometimes change after the initial project development stage. We're with you all the way.

• When your website complies with project objectives and has passed all quality assurance checks, we get your final approval and upload to the server.

• We launch your website.

• Then, we stand behind our product to ensure your satisfaction.

• We offer perfect technique, maintenance, management and hosting support as well as search engine registration and promotion.

The following is a list of technologies that we use to develop your website. They are what we have to consider, and what you never need to worry about, because we know how to control them. There are many reasons to choose. Here goes:

CSS, DHTML, HTML (clean code), XML/XSL(T), ASP.NET, Javascript, Java Applets, Servlets, JSP, PHP, including PHPLib, Perl, PosgreSQL/MySQL, POSIX, Flash Animation,

Choose us, choose perfection!